Masters of Science in Clinical Neuroscience Degree Program

  • High-Performance Leadership—An ability to confidently lead oneself and others for sustainable high performance. 
  • Global Effectiveness—An ability to perform effectively across cultures in addressing critical clinical neuroscience technology challenges. 
  • Clinical neuroscience mastery—An ability to enhance personal and organizational performance through the study of clinical neurological technology. 
  • An Innovative Mindset—An ability to think and act creatively in the field of clinical neuroscience technology. 
  • Clinical Neuroscience Expertise—An ability to contribute strategically through highly developed functional clinical neuroscience technology skills. 
  • Professional Curriculum—An ability to learn from academic and educational principles based upon and sensitive to clinical neuroscience technology needs. 
  • Professional Faculty—An ability to work with academic and research clinical neurologists, as well as working with practicing professional working clinical neurologists. 
  • Educational Exchange—An ability to work with other professional clinical neurologists with opportunities for international educational exchange.

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John Dewey

“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ”

The Carrick Institute Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience Degree is designed to train healthcare professionals to serve as clinical neuroscientists and conduct research into the study and function of the human nervous system.

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