Course # NSM513: Spinal Cord and Brain Stem Functionality and Cerebral Vascular Systems

Course Description

The objectives of this course are to create a comprehensive understanding of the structure and function of the brainstem and with emphasis on spinal cord the vascular system. The student will understand the myriad of pathology that can occur within the cranial vault that are associated with pathology or functional adaptation of the vascular system. The patterns of functional changes associated with cerebrovascular pathology are central to an understanding of human neurological function. Disorders of consciousness associated with hypoxia and brain compromise will be explored through a thorough and contemporary understanding of the distribution patterns of the vascular system to neurological structure. An understanding of the integrity of the human vascular system is dependent upon every exacting understanding of the relationship between the brain and spinal cord. The students will be given the methodology to understand the regional characteristics of spinal cord lesions and the resultant functional consequences to the central and peripheral systems of humankind. Along with a vascular component, the sensory components associated with pain, autonomic function and feedback associated with the integration of the cerebral cortex will be explored. Students will master clinical testing and treatment applications involving the motor system as affected by radiculopathy, polyneuropathy and mononeuropathy. They will master the clinical skills associated with the measurement of function of both descending and ascending tracks between the brain and spinal cord. The functional consequences of spinal cord lesions will be detailed with a direction towards clinical application. Supporting structures such as the periosteum, arachnoid and dura will be understood in relationship to their function and the pathological situations that arise from their abnormalities.

Course Content

  •  Development and structure of the spinal cord
  • Internal and external clinical anatomy and function
  • Gray matter, white matter and vascular supply
  • Functions and lesions at the sacral, lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions
  • Function and clinical pathophysiology of the peripheral nerve and spinal cord
  • Function and clinical pathophysiology of the neurovascular system
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Aneurysm
  • Embolism
  • Congenital malformation of the cerebrovascular system
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