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Why a Master's Degree?

I can clearly remember the daily struggle and dread of having to walk into my next class. I was in the second grade and I really struggled in the world of academics. My parents were notified that I had developed some challenges in my scholastic abilities and along with a preexisting speech impediment, it was decided that I would spend half of my day in a kindergarten class in order improve my learning abilities. One can only imagine the affect it had on my confidence and selfesteem at such a young age

However, the memories of those days continue to drive me in the academic arena and yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder that continues to inspire me to this day, the ultimate over achiever

A Masters Degree would not only be an amazing accomplishment, but it would also bring an immense amount of pride and joy to my family, who have supported me since the beginning of my Neurological quest. To be frank, there are some that believe that I cannot accomplish this goal, but again, that chip on my shoulder is so much bigger than my fear of failure

The ultimate goal of earning my Masters Degree is to someday teach at the College and/or University level. I am an educator at heart and I love taking complex ideas and breaking them down into easier items to be understood, learned, and most importantly, retained

The results of earning my Masters will prove to be highly beneficial for all of my patients. I have been in practice for twentythree years and nothing feels better than having my patient take interest in what I have learned. The look in their eyes when I explain in depth the knowledge that I have gained is priceless. Often times my patients are amazed, stating, Dr. Kalapp, you are so intelligent., and it is then that I explain that I am not a gifted scholar, however, I do have one thing going for me and that is that I am not lazy! I am determined and extremely motivated to achieve all that I have set my mind to. In this case, it is a Masters Degree through the Carrick Institute.”

Tomas Stangel

John Dewey

“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ”

The Carrick Institute Masters of Science in Clinical Neuroscience Degree is designed to train healthcare professionals to serve as clinical neuroscientists and conduct research into the study and function of the human nervous system.

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