Course # NSM523: The Somatosensory and Viscerosensory Systems

Course Description

The objectives of this course are to create a comprehensive understanding of the clinical components of the somatosensory and viscerosensory systems. Abnormal function of the somatosensory system involves most people at some time in their life. Abnormal functions can be a primary or secondary manifestation of a variety of disease states. The students will gain an exacting knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and function of the somatosensory system in health and disease. This understanding will promote the development of applications involved in conditions affecting touch and tactile perception and in pain syndromes. Students will be exposed to the reality of opioid abuse in pain syndromes and the societal consequences associated with human suffering. Central to the understanding of pain and suffering is an understanding of tissue damage, disorder of central processing and the somatosensory system. A functional exploration of the central pathways from the periphery to the somatic sensory cortex will be based upon clinical problem-solving scenarios and clinical case study.

Course Content

  • Mechanoreceptors and receptor-based function and pathology 
  • Activation of the cerebral cortex by primary afferent systems 
  • Somatosensory targets in the cerebral cortex 
  • Somatosensory targets in the cerebellum 
  • Somatosensory activation and central plasticity 
  • Central pathways of somatosensory integration 
  • Posterior column syndromes 
  • Trigeminal syndromes 
  • Nociception 
  • Pain syndromes and treatment 
  • Neuropathic pain
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